Barker & Associates has been providing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering for Port San Antonio for the past 6 years as both Prime Consultant and as MEP engineering for our Architectural Consultants. Their designs are always on track and meet our Customers’ requirements as well as keeping us on time and always willing to provide suggestions for alternate methods to keep the project on budget.   David L. Reynolds, Sr. Construction Manager, Port Authority of San Antonio
Throughout our working relationship with Barker & Associates, Don Barker and his team have worked closely with Sol Studio throughout our history together in a very fluid and harmonious manner.  We enjoy working with Barker & Associates, Inc. as they have a strong work ethic and provide creative and cost-effective solutions to any project.  –Alonzo Alston, RA, Principal, Sol Studio Architects
Barker & Associates provides a team building approach to all of their projects. The Barker Team provides not only efficient energy designs but also cost-effective solutions to challenging requirements. – Bill Upton, Senior Program Manager, ECC
Don Barker and his team have provided CgM Architects with MEP services ranging from complex industrial facilities to projects for the Army and Air Force, to retail offices and non-profits. We know that no matter what the challenge, we can expect impeccable services.  Always the team player. – Craig Massouh, AIA, President, CgM and Associate
The amount of work on the METC SAC and ASB projects was enormous, requiring seven design packages on each building, complete with LEED silver requirements. Early on in the project, your team came up with a highly effective concept of design which was proven all the way through construction. Whenever an obstacle was encountered, you found a way around it – not only achieving immediate solutions but also providing skillful forethought to solve several other problems at the same time. That kind of forward thinking is critical on projects like this when time is of the essence. – James Polonis, Senior Associate, RVK Architects